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Our lives are filled with wonderful and social events, from holidays to birthdays, from weddings to newborns.

These days are so memorable, not only because of the joy of spending it with friends and family, but because of the effort we've put into preparing them. For as long as we've celebrated events socially, we've enjoyed receiving gifts, but also finding the right gift for the right person.

And as hard as finding the right gift is, it's sometimes harder to receive the wrong gift and not be disappointed.

As much as we love to try and take on these challenges ourselves, let us help you make your next celebrations even more perfect!

With, you can record anything that draws your interest in a big wish-basket. The next time your birthday or christmas comes up, fill a wishlist from your wishes and make sure your friends and family know about it! will assist them in granting your wishes while supporting each's own budget and preferences.

Are you the type of person that never knows what to buy? Haven't got the time for browsing the mall for that perfect gift? Or perhaps you simply don't know somebody well enough to buy them the stuff of their dreams. Recommend, and make everybody happy!

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Maarten Billemont

Maarten has 3 wish lists and 34 unfulfilled wishes in total.

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iPhone 4, 32GB

The iPhone 4 is a touchscreen smartphone developed by Apple. It is the fourth generation of iPhone, and successor to the iPhone 3GS. It is particularly marketed for video calling (marketed by Apple as FaceTime), consumption of media such as books and periodicals, movies, music, and games, and for general web and e-mail access.

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To create a new wish list, navigate to your wish lists and press the new wish list button.